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Victorian Hangers

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Since introducing Victorian Hanger Sets to Australia in 2000, they have consistently been a good seller for us. Sydney we noted still had a lot of Period Homes with the Older Style Picture Rails in Place, and we quickly realised there was a good Market for a Complete set to hang pictures using the wooden picture rails in place, before the Victorian Hanger Sets, customers were using a variety of chains and cord and tied or looped on, over the counter brackets from Hardware stores, these looked somewhat unsatisfactory as it looked cumbersome and messy, and the brackets were poorly finished.

Fx Picture Rail hangers are purpose-designed with a hole drilled through the Bracket which we then run through either our LN 1.5 nylon or LS 1.5 steel cable. These cables are compatible with our HM Mini Spring Hook to hold 4kg Pictures or the robust HL Self-Locker to hold 10gk on nylon and 15kg steel, we offer Silver, Brass and a Powder coat white to cover all wall décor types.

Architects all over Australia install the wooden picture rail so that they can use the ever-popular Victorian Picture rail Hangers.