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Our Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Art Galleries

Our suggestion for gallery hanging, given that usually heavier artworks are being hung, is the Traditional Rail which uses 4mm rods. Very robust and easy to manage from the ground.

Alternatively, for a more discrete look, the FX Clip Rail
Max with steel cables and super hooks gives you a strong, easy-to-use cable system.


If you are at the building stage, our number one suggestion is the Plaster Rail (Plaster Rail Rendered or Plaster Rail), fitted when the walls and ceilings are installed. This forms a shadow line come picture-hanging system, the most concealed system on the market.
- The Architects Choice -

For existing dwellings, the number one choice is the FX Clip Rail slimline wall mounted rail with discrete fixings and minimalist look.
- The Interior Designers Choice -


Popular choices include the Maxi Rail System (ceiling and wall) with cables and security hooks, and the Traditional System, using very strong rods and the option of full security with special anti-theft devices.

Commercial / Offices

We suggest the Maxi Recessed Rail system (ceiling or wall​) or the Ceiling Plaster Rails (Plaster Rail or Plaster Rail Rendered) for use in commercial situations. Both are strong systems that can be incorporated into the build and lend themselves style-wise to the corporate look, as well as being hardy robust systems.

Restaurants and Cafes

We suggest the FX Clip Rail
slimline system and the Paper Rail for memos and customer orders.

Schools and Hospitals

Our suggestion here is the FX Clip Rail slimline wall mounted rail for your corridors, halls and libraries.

 The Paper Grip Rail is perfect for memos, artwork and other paper items.