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How do you get your artwork to hang flat and straight

Category: FX Hanging Tips / How to

We have often been asked over the years by customers how do we get our Artwork to hang flat and straight, and can we hang multiple pictures. The answer is yes it can be done and is a relatively easy problem to solve. Picture Framers generally put their cables or string, around a third of the way down the frame usually tied to D RINGS see attached, which is absolutely fine if you are hanging your picture on a nail or screw. If using FX Hanging Systems rails to have the pictures sitting flat, you need to place the D-Rings at 10cm from the top of the frame on each side and using 2 hangers and hooks will achieve a nice flat effect, the customer may now want to hang multiple frames. This can be achieved by using more hooks on the hangers (We suggest the Mini Spring hook for this as shown in the attached picture).

This Gallery Hanging effect is perfect for Kids drawings in the Schools, office Diplomas, memos and other smaller type configurations.

The picture shown is our office in Balmain demonstrating multiple Gallery Hanging flat and perfect.

Multiple frames (picture above)

Mini Spring hook (picture above)

Nylon clip in hanger (picture above)


D Ring (picture above)